Attorney and Lawyer in Los Angeles, California

Attorney for Bicycle Accident Victims

Clients recoveries include:

Robertson & Associates represented a 30 year-old Santa Clarita fireman, who was bicycling in a designated bike lane, when he collided with a makeshift asphalt ramp. A contractor had built the ramp, which jutted out 2 feet into the 10 foot wide bike lane. Our client suffered rib, clavicle, head, and brain injuries. Robertson & Associates received a $2,850,000 verdict, with the contractor offereing $250,000 prior to trial.

A $5,200,000 settlement was awarded for a cyclist who suffered traumatic brain injury when he hit an unfinished Mandeville Canyon manhole cover the City of Los Angeles had failed to repair.

Alexander Robertson negotiated a $250,000 policy-limit settlement for a 74 year-old athlete who was struck by a truck in Westlake Village, California.