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Harmon Tower Lawsuit

Harmon Tower is at the forefront of a CityCenter Holdings, LLC and Perini Building Company construction defect litigation. Alexander Robertson, senior partner of Robertson & Associates LLP, is lead counsel for CityCenter Holdings, LLC in In Re:  CityCenter Construction and Lien Master Litigation, pending in Clark County District Court, Nevada.

Harmon Tower

The Harmon Tower, designed by Foster + Partners, with 48 floors, 400 hotel rooms on the lower floors and 207 condos on the upper floors, was slated as a non-gaming hotel, to be operated by Andrew Sasson's The Light Group. After two years of construction, inspectors discovered, in 2008, that rebar hooks/stirrups in the link beams on the 15th floor had been torch-cut. Further inspections uncovered reinforcing steel in the concrete link beams, columns, shear walls, corbels and transfer elements to also be defective and not installed according to the approved specifications.

The Perini Building Company alleges that design errors committed by the Engineer-of-Record are severe and, in 2010, filed a mechanic's lien of approximately $492,000,000 and a lawsuit against CItyCenter. CityCenter seeks 399,819, 503 in damages against Perini for the Harmon Tower, including attorney's fees and prejudgment interest. Cross claims, counterclaims, and third party claims against the subcontractors of Pacific Coast Steel, Century Steel and Ceco, have been filed by Perini. Over 200 percipient depositions, 50 expert witnesses, and 23 Terabytes of documents exist for the September 23, 2014 Harmon Tower trial.



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